Oliphant Phragmites Control Efforts 2019

Hello Oliphant Campers’ Association members,

Thank you for your show of commitment to fighting Phragmites off our Oliphant shorelines. Your plans to raise $8,000 to hire Janice Gilbert, her crew and Phragmites cutting amphibious cutters (Truxors) to “Cut the Gut” in 2019 is fabulous!

In 2018 OCA made a most generous donation of $3000 towards our (OFIPCG) goal of raising $16,000 to bring the amphibious Phragmites Truxors to the Oliphant Fishing Islands for 2 days. The results of this was that 9 acres of 10-year-old, dense invasive Phragmites was cut and removed from the waters at the north end of the Gut. A big accomplishment! In 2019 we are once again fundraising to bring the Truxors for 2 days to work cutting and removing Phragmites from the area of the Gut and surrounding waters.

The Truxors will be cutting in the waters near Oliphant this August 19-23 for 3 days minimum.
We will need a lot of volunteers to help. Please contact me or Dave Livingstone to volunteer.

OCA will be hosting an educational event July 6, 2019; 11AM at the Campers Church so please come to learn what our plans are and how you can help.

Since 2017 we have been using the “underwater cutting to drown method” and are seeing great results in the islands. Areas of Phragmites that have been cut 3 years in a row are growing back drastically reduced in density and vigour. Eventually the roots can be drowned this way. To see the concept of “cut to drown”. https://www.ontarioinvasiveplants.ca/resources/fact-sheets/

Leslie Wood (OFIPCG – Oliphant Fishing Island Phragmites Community Group)