The Oliphant Campers' Association held its first meeting at the Cross cottage on Cranberry Island in the summer of 1903, following the first known campers’ picnic the week earlier. It has been operating continuously since that time. It was formed to provide leadership in the following areas:

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    Welfare and protection of member properties

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    Planning, operating and evaluating annual regattas providing timely, relevant information to members

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    Reviewing issues which may pose a threat to members

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    Acquiring, maintaining and storing trophies and equipment

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    Supporting local dredging programs and providing leadership in this important aspect of Oliphant life including ensuring safe navigable channel passages.

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    Facilitating and financially supporting the upkeep of the “government” dock.

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The Name Oliphant

Lawrence Oliphant

We are named after the government appointee, Laurence Oliphant, the well know author, traveler and private secretary of Lord Elgin, as Superintendent General of Indian Affairs. It was through his efforts that in 1854 the Oliphant Treaty was negotiated and signed at Saugeen, allowing the government to survey the lands gained by the Manitowaning Treaty.

Our Leaders

The OCA appoints an annual board from which officers and committee members are selected. Regular meetings are held four times per year and members are kept informed through a semi-annual newsletter.

Colin Lewis

Past President

Colin Yardley


Jeff Bond

1st Vice President & Harbour Master

Andy Brown

Second Vice President & Secretary

Andrew Yorke



Colleen Bond


Robbie Owen

Regatta Coordinator & Harbour Master

Dave Livingstone

Lake Steward

Rob Lister

Harbour Master

Cherie Jacob & Kym Burt

Merchandise & Dance

Social Media Coordinator

Rebecca Yardley

Tammy Thurtell, David Woolfrey, Matt Whelan, Molly O’Rourke


Our Leaders