OCA Educational Meeting July 6, 2019 – Summary


Presenter: Leslie Wood, Oliphant Fishing Islands Phragmites Community Group (OFIPCG)
Points of discussion:

Reasons for cutting to control Phrag were discussed.
Methods to cut and dispose of were discussed.
History and participants in Phrag cutting in the past 2 years were discussed.
Successes: Significant reduction in Phragmites has been seen in the 14 acres of sites that have been cut 2-3 times in the Fishing Islands.

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula (TSBP) and Ledgerock Quarry of Wiarton have come on board to support the collection and disposal of Phragmites this year. We are very grateful for their support.

Central collection site for cut Phragmites: From July 15 to September 15 there will be a bin at government dock (at the west end of the gravel causeway) paid for by the Town. People on the mainland or offshore cutting Phragmites can put the cut Phragmites into the bin to be hauled to Ledgerock quarry where it will be dried and burned by the Fire Department. The bin will be removed from the site during the Regatta in August. The bin will be padlocked with a combination lock. Combination will be given to those who need to access the bin.

Parking on the causeway will be adjusted with signage and barriers provided by the TSBP to accommodate access to the bin for its removal as required for trips to the quarry for it to be emptied.
Wednesday July 10 will be the date the date the barriers and signs are placed. Please respect the restricted parking to allow this opportunity to make a significant dent in the Phragmites population in 2019.

Phragmites cut in small amounts should be bundled and tied with twine that will easily burn. Phragmites being brought in larger amounts by watercraft should be carefully moved into the bin on tarps or other means.
NB: In all cases it is important to place all the Phragmites into the bin and not to allow it to drop back into the water which may lead to spread of the invasive plant. When adding phragmites to the bin place it as far back and as high up as possible to maximize the amount of Phragmites collected before the bin is taken to the quarry to be emptied.
Tips: Karen Sword from Pike Bay suggested placing small bundles of Phragmites onto a pallet to provide good drying. This would be especially for those planning to burn the Phrag themselves. Broken pallets can be acquired free from McNabb Pallets in Hepworth if you mention you are using it to dry Phragmites. She also reminded everyone to wear footwear with very sturdy soles and to cover your legs when working in the water around Phrag. The Phrag stalks can cut your skin. She suggested were Bog boots even in water that goes over the top of the boot.

***Leslie Wood and her husband are having a raft made of floating dock components like the rafts Janice Gilbert brings when she comes with her Truxors. She and other members of OFIPCG will be cutting young stands of Phragmites in areas where the water is still shallow enough for the operator of one there Stihl hedge trimmers to cut the Phragmites. Cut Phragmites will be lifted by hand onto the raft and moved to the dock. There it will be unloaded into the bin. For this we are looking for volunteers.
We will bring the raft and a cutter + operator to cut Phrag offshore from people’s cottages IF the cottager will provide 4+ adult volunteers to help load up the raft and unload the raft at the bin.
We are planning to do this before and after the Truxors come.
Tentative dates for us to come help you cut your Phrag are:
July 16, July 17, July 18, July 19, July 20, July 21, July 22, July 23, July 24, July 30, July 31, August 6,
August 7, August 8 .. possibly August 9-16, and likely restarting after August 28th.
Please contact Leslie Wood dykewood@ripnet.com

The amphibious Truxors will be coming to Oliphant: 4 days
August 19:  sponsored by Oliphant Fishing Islands Phragmites Community Group (OFIPCG)
assisted by Grey Sauble and a grant from Community Foundation Grey Bruce ($3000)
We are still fundraising $16,000 to bring the Truxors. We still need $4000.!!
To donate please go to:
Grey Sauble Conservation website, Donate  https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/id/5364/
go to dropdown box at : “Apply your donation to a specific fund set up by this charity”
Donate to the Oliphant Fishing Islands Phragmites Community Group
To volunteer: contact Leslie Wood dykewood@ripnet.com or ask to join our Facebook .. just look for our group name.

August 20: Oliphant Campers’ Association (OCA) (focus on Gut)
To volunteer contact: Dave Livingstone OCA malacon.road@gmail.com

August 21: OFIPCG
To volunteer: contact Leslie Wood dykewood@ripnet.com

August 22: BPBA/Wiarton Rotary (focus near Government dock where previously have cut
To volunteer: contact Elizabeth Thorn 518-377-5166, ethorn124@gmail.com

Volunteers needed for all days!!!

This should be a very positive year fighting the Phrag!!