Regatta Championship Winners


Junior Girls: Laura Naves (16 pts)
Intermediate Girls: Alison Scoon (22 pts)
Senior Girls: Darien Jacobs (17 pts)
Veteran Ladies: Michelle Roebuck (13 pts)
Master Ladies: Michelle Rudell (21 pts)
Legend Ladies: Anne Schmidt (13 pts)

Junior Boys: Charlie Thurtell (16 pts)
Intermediate Boys: M.J. McKenzie (16 pts)
Senior Boys: Brandon Juch (13 pts)
Veteran Men: Robbie Owen (20 pts)
Master Men: Colin Lewis (16 pts)
Legend Men: John Thurtell (10 pts)

The Annual Regatta is run entirely by volunteers who give their time and talents to make
it an enjoyable and safe activity. We would not be able to hold this yearly event without the
assistance of willing and able volunteers. Please think seriously about doing what you can to
help in next year’s regatta.